Foamex Kimyasal Çapraz Bağlı PE Köpük Levha

Alçıpan bölme duvarlarda ses yalıtımı çözümleri için idealdir.

Picture of Foamex S5
Picture of Foamex S5
  • Technical Specifications
  • Density
    90 kg/m3 NORM: EN 1602
  • Thickness
    10 mm NORM: EN 823
  • Roll Size
    1.60 x 30 m
  • Water Absorption (in 28 days)
    0.1 <wp ≤ 0.5 (WS05) kg/m2 NORM: EN 1609
  • Maximum Service Temperature
    110 0C NORM: EN 14706
  • Thermal Conductivity Value
    0.036-0.042 (-20 0C - +10 0C ) W/mK NORM: EN 12667
  • Impact Noise Insulation Value
    32 dB NORM: EN 10140-3 EN ISO 717-2


  • Instruction of Application
    • Foamex sheets are applied inbetween double coat of gypsum board in lightweight partition walls. Foamex insulation tape is in ceiling and under wall profiles. Upon fixing the first coat of gypsum boord onto the profiles with anchors. Foamex sheets are applied onto the plasterboord by using metal staple or adhesive. The second coat of gypsum board is placed on it and joints, edge turns ond corners are applied and finished with mastic seal.