Airpack guarantees the best results in the packaging of sensitive products that are difficult to protect and transport. Plate cutting can be done in desired dimensions. It can also be produced as bags in different sizes.



  • Usage Areas
  • In furniture packaging
  • In electronic and electrical goods packaging
  • In ornamental and gift packaging
  • Steel, in metal goods packaging
  • Industrial packaging; ceramic, porcelain, marble industry etc.
  • Logistics sector.
  • Benefits
  • to the blows
  • to scratch
  • to crash
  • Crush and friction
  • to vibration
  • It protects against dusting and getting wet.
  • Product Types
    • Double-sided laminated film
    • Foil and film laminated
    • Two layers and three layers of bubble nylon (max. impact resistance)
    • Plate cutting in desired dimensions
    • Production of bags in desired size
    • Production in desired weight up to 80 gr/m2-170 gr/m2
  • Production Dimensions
    • Width: 100-160 cm
    • Height: 75 m